The Continuativi Canclini`s collection

Posted by on 1/11/2016 to News

Tradition, technology, skill, passion, creativity, style and people: this is Canclini`s world

 Since 1925 they produce the most beautiful shirting fabrics made in Italy

 Their fabrics are made of selected yarns, going through strict tests that give the product natural brightness, softness of touch and durable life. The high quality of the yarn is obtained by accurate craftsmanship, by highly controlled cotton harvest, its cleaning prior the spinning and by use of proper optical slub catcher during the winding phase to restrain the contaminations especially for the white fabrics.

 The new Red Continuativi collection is out this January and we are proud to implement it in our web shop. New 45 articles will soon be available to shop online!

 The Continuativi Canclini`s collection offers: 

- Luxury fabrics made of compact yarn 80/1,obtained through a special process that improves the cleanness, consistency and strenght of the cotton yarn, giving in addition brightness and robustness to the design and colours

- Two-ply fabrics made of long staple yarns 90/2, Egyptian cotton only, that are able to preserve the brilliance, soft and silky hand touch during their life

- the top of the range made of extra fine 2-ply yarns, obtained by a particular and noble cotton called Giza 45 - of long fibres limited on production and fabrics of linen, plain and fancy

 All the fabrics comply to the Worldwide standards in terms of quality and they have the Okotex certification that guarantees that Canclini`s products do not contain neither release harmful substances dangerous for people`s health.